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SecureCRT (v7.3.7) ssh-keygen file format compatibility?

I've seen this discussed many years in the past, but the advice received back then doesn't seem to work. That is, a decade ago VanDyke stated that SecureCRT can read SSH key files as generated by ssh-keygen, but I'm still getting "Unknown file format".

Using SecureCRT v7.3.7.
Generated OpenSSH keypair with:
ssh-keygen -b 2048 -t rsa -f id_rsa2048 -N {passphrase}
Configured a session in SecureCRT for PublicKey (only), selected to a Session keyfile, choosing the file "id_rsa2048".
On connecting the first time, I do get the proper Server host key recognize/change/accept dialog once; and then on all connection attempts SecureCRT fails with:

"The private key file could not be found:

Note that the public key and private key file must have the
same name (e.g. "" and "Identity") and must be
located in the same folder.

Unknown file format"

Here's a redacted copy of the contents of
ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAA.......................(about 240 characters total).........I2CaZhwiCbKHpFwd myusername@myhostname

I generated the id_rsa2048 file with the same user as whom I'm running SecureCRT, and I've confirmed that there are no weird ACLs that would stop me (running SecureCRT) from reading these/my files.
So the "Unknown file format" error would suggest that SecureCRT v7.3.7 is having a problem reading the RSA 2048 key files generated by ssh-keygen.

What am I doing wrong?

many thanks,
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