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Originally Posted by jchamb2010 View Post
No compatible hostkey. The server supports these methods:
Any ideas what settings I can change to make this work, or is this something that would require an update/patch?
Your SSH2 server is using an OpenSSH "Trusted Certificate" as its host key.

While SecureCRT supports using OpenSSH "trusted certificates" for end user publickey authentication, SecureCRT doesn't yet support the server using that type of OpenSSH-specific trusted cert as the host key.

I've added a feature request on your behalf for supporting this feature in SecureCRT. I don't yet have an idea as to if/when this would ever be implemented, but we'll be happy to post here should a version of SecureCRT become available with support for that host key type.

I'm sorry, but there aren't any workarounds that you can use to get SecureCRT to successfully connect to this host with its host key configuration as-is.

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