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Passphrase & Publick key in SFXCL

We need to use public key with one of the partners and I cannot figure out how to supply it in the command line. We are using session to store all parameters including the key. When I use the session interactively, it navigates to remote directory and asks for the passphrase, cannot have it in the automated file transfer.

In general, the CL command looks like this:

Command = ' /NoPrompt /AcceptHostKeys /Log "%SFXlogfilename%" "%localdir%" /S %SFXsession% "%remotedir%" '

how do I add the passphrase here? I could not find suitable option in the manual.

SecureFX Version 7.3.2 (x64 build 752) - Official Release - February 26, 2015

Any help would be appreciated.
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