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Hi Todd, thanks for the info, I was able to get the command to work using the short names for the folders like this.

vsh -auth publickey -i c:\.ssh\id_dsa ourid@servername cmd /c dir "E:\share1\DATAFE~1\AD\PROD\PAYROLL\FTPPIC~1\*.*"

I don't have the name of an executable in between the quotes, and I think the command I was using met all the criteria defined in the text you posted, so I'm still not sure why it wont work with the long names including the spaces.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding how this should work?

1. If all of the following conditions are met, then quote characters
on the command line are preserved:

- no /S switch
- exactly two quote characters
- no special characters between the two quote characters,
where special is one of: &<>()@^|
- there are one or more whitespace characters between the
the two quote characters
- the string between the two quote characters is the name
of an executable file.
Here's my original command
vsh -auth publickey -i c:\.ssh\id_dsa ourid@servername cmd /c dir "e:\share1\Data Feeds\AD\PROD\PAYROLL\FTP Pickup\*.*"

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