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Hi matt131,

Are you saying that if the remote path doesn't have spaces there is no problem?

According to the cmd.exe help message, the following behavior applies to the use of quote characters in combination with the /C command line parameter:

If /C or /K is specified, then the remainder of the command line after
the switch is processed as a command line, where the following logic is
used to process quote (") characters:

    1.  If all of the following conditions are met, then quote characters
        on the command line are preserved:

        - no /S switch
        - exactly two quote characters
        - no special characters between the two quote characters,
          where special is one of: &<>()@^|
        - there are one or more whitespace characters between the
          the two quote characters
        - the string between the two quote characters is the name
          of an executable file.

    2.  Otherwise, old behavior is to see if the first character is
        a quote character and if so, strip the leading character and
        remove the last quote character on the command line, preserving
        any text after the last quote character.
It seems like the last bullet point in #1 above is what might be leading to your quotes being stripped by cmd.exe.

Does the command work if you specify the "tilde" naming convention? For example:

vsh -auth publickey -i c:\.ssh\id_dsa ourid@servername cmd /c dir "e:\share1\Data Feeds\AD\PROD\PAYROLL\FTPPic~1\*.*"

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