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Originally Posted by tnygren
Hi Pavel,
I ran some test here but I could not replicate the issue with the menu bar not turning off when deselected.
Yes, as I said it's intermittent. I'm not able to replicate it every time but I got some consistency here. I don't use tabs so every session is in a separate window. Every session has menu bar disabled by default. I'm attaching a screenshot.
Originally Posted by tnygren
Could you provide me with the steps you normally use to replicate the issue?
Today I managed to replicate the issue with the following steps:
  • Start SecureCRT.
  • Connect to a remote system (after doing this toggling menu bar through the top left corner icon menu works OK).
  • Start another session (in a different window).
  • Toggle menu bar in the second window.
  • Click "Save Settings Now".
  • Now it should not be possible to toggle off the menu bar in any of the windows. (It the first window we never toggled it on but if you do it now you will not be able to disable it).
Originally Posted by tnygren
Is the SecureCRT window maximize?
The window is not maximized.
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