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Hi trondk,

I must have done something wrong because when starting a session from Session Manager I am prompted for username and password in the session window. (not pop up boxes)
Well no, having the prompts "in-line" (it's the Display logon prompts in terminal window configuration option in the Connection / Logon Actions category of Session Options) is necessary if you are going to handle them via the login script.

So to clarify, in the sessions that you wish to use the script, you have:
  • Cleared username from Username field in Connection / SSH2 category?

  • Cleared any saved passwords you might have by selecting Password in the Authentication grouping and then the Properties... button and unchecking Store password?

  • In Connection / Logon Actions category, enabled Logon script and configured the path to your login script?

  • In same category, enabled Display logon prompts in terminal window?

You don't get this far yet, but for future note:

Have you also verified that the "username/login" prompt from the remote is actually "Login:" or "login:"?

You may need to change that to "sername" to handle "Username:" or "username:".

' Wait for a string that looks like "username: " or "Username: "
crt.Screen.WaitForString "sername: "

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