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Hi uabiarb,

I cannot replicate that issue in the current, official release, v8.7.2.

I also could not replicate it in v8.3.1. Both logs ended up in "\Logs\%F" subfolder. What OS is SecureCRT installed on?

Nothing about the folder structure is changed before the next day rolls around, right?

Does your license give you access to v8.7.2? (Please DO NOT post the serial number here, if you are not sure, please send in the body of an email to and reference Attn Brenda - Forum Thread #14242.)

If you can upgrade to v8.7.2, then we will need to get trace options output. Since that can contain sensitive data (at least the more verbose form, which we need to capture), I suggest taking this out of the public forums in either case (use email details above).

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