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Hello dereksmall,

Sorry for the misunderstanding. The clarifying questions were meant to explore other options for the first issue you posted about:

First, when you click on a link to open an ssh sesssion, SecureCRT opens a new window every time you click on a new link. My other app allows me pick if I want to use a tabbed interface or seperate windows, and if you pick tabbed, think clicking on ssh links like this, just opens the session in a new tab. Is there a way to do this with SecureCRT?
Even if you cannot use the /T option in your URLs to open sessions in a tab, you can make a change to the Global.ini file that will force SecureCRT to only open one instance.

The Global.ini file is stored in the configuration folder. The location of your installation's Configuration folder is found in the General / Configuration Paths category of SecureCRT's Global Options.
*Close SecureCRT before editing the Global.ini file*
Change (and save):
D:"Single Instance"=00000000
D:"Single Instance"=00000001

I think, perhaps, you misunderstand the split config functionality I referenced. The reason it relates to the above workaround is to determine if all members of your team will need to make the change or if there is one, shared Global.ini file that would need changed.

To clarify though, the functionality is, essentially, SecureCRT's config (in a shared location) minus the sensitive data that can, potentially, be saved within sessions (which are, in turn, session INI files that are found in the Sessions subfolder of the config folder). Only the personal (local) copy of those session INI files would have the sensitive data (username, password, logon actions).

The functionality is probably best explained by the videos available on our YouTube channel.

Personal Config Data series
Personal Config Data: 1) Separating Personal from Common Data

Personal Config Data: 2) Using Separate Config Folders

Personal Config Data: 3) Reverting Back to a Single Config Folder

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