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ssh2: hyperlinks don't use tabs or sessions

I have created a number of visio diagrams of our network, which are all published as web pages and linked together. Each of the network devices in the diagrams has several hyperlinks; to retrieve data from our network database, to link to the device in our NMS system, or to open an ssh session. I have always used a differant app for telnet/ssh, which automatically mapped to ssh:// URLs. I found the issue with SecureCRT using only ssh1:// and ssh2://, and updated all the links so the other team members who use SecureCRT can now open sesssions just by clicking on a device, however we still have two problems with SecureCRT that I cannot find a fix for.

First, when you click on a link to open an ssh sesssion, SecureCRT opens a new window every time you click on a new link. My other app allows me pick if I want to use a tabbed interface or seperate windows, and if you pick tabbed, think clicking on ssh links like this, just opens the session in a new tab. Is there a way to do this with SecureCRT?

Second, when you open a connection to a device like this (via an ssh2:// URL), the connection is only opened as a quick connection, it doesn't open it as a saved/savable session. Me and my team members have a need to save some hotkeys differantly for differant devices, but without the connection opening with saved session settings, that isn't possible. Is there a way to have SecureCRT launch, after clicking on something like "ssh2://myhost" and open session "myhost"?

I've used my other app for years, but as the shop I now work in uses SecureCRT, I'm trying to give it a chance and make sure my whole team can use the site I've built as convieniently as I can.

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