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I have also tested Build 808, and am also continuing to have the selection problem. I've noticed that if I have two tabbed sessions open, that the problem occurs in both sessions, but independently of the other tabbed session. That is, if I select some text near the top of the screen in session 1, and then switch screens WITHIN that session (again, I experience this mostly using MicroEMACS), the highlighted region persists at that location on the screen. Then if I open session 2 to another host and do the same thing there, but select text near the bottom of the screen, the same phenomenon occurs in that session near the bottom. But if I flip between host sessions, the persistent highlighting stays put for the given session. The highlighting location does not cross over between host sessions. My two sessions were to different host types: one Linux and the other AIX, so apparently this is not OS-dependent.

I agree with "jad" that this is a significant problem, and one that would make me avoid the continued use of SecureCRT 5 until it can be fixed. And like "jad" I'd be happy to provide you with troubleshooting information. How about a "Raw Log Session" output file?