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Installer is no longer responding error when trying to uninstall on Windows 10

Some time back when I had SecureCRT/FX 8.7.3 installed, I received the message about 9.0 being available. I downloaded and installed it. After it was done, I now had both 8.7.3 and 9.0 installed. This didn't bother me at the time, so I continued on. 9.0 has now updated to 9.1.0.

Since I have no need for the 8.7.x version, I tried to uninstall it and ran into problems. The uninstaller runs, and it removes the listing from Add Remove Programs. I get the Windows 10 UAC, accept that, and then it tries to perform the uninstall.

That's when I get the below:

When I click in OK, I get a different message:

When I click OK on this message, the uninstaller closes. At this point, I didn't want to leave it in this state, so I tried reinstalling 8.7 again so I could then try to uninstall it again. When I went to install, it gave me the message below:

This would NOT complete until I restarted Windows and tried again. If I clicked on "Yes" to undo the changes, it will just pop the same error 1705 over and over. After a restart, I still got that message, but "Yes" worked this time and 8.7 did successfully install.

I launched 8.7 to make sure it installed correctly, it did. Just to start clean, I restarted Windows again, and once back tried to uninstall 8.7. Got the same set of messages.

So now I am stuck in this loop, as it happens with 9.1 as well.

The one caveat that I think might have contributed to this, maybe not, was...

8.7.3 was installed for all users in C:\Program Files.
9.0.x was installed just for my user in C:\Users\normal_path....

Did the above scenario cause this weird issue?

Any ideas? Or does one need to do a manual clean uninstall on Windows?
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