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What specific mechanism did you use to change the passwords in all of your saved sessions?

Are you able to successfully connect to this same host if you use an ad hoc connection instead of your saved session (say, use the Connect bar -- type in the hostname and press Enter -- so that your problematic saved session isn't used)

Is SecureCRT configured to use your mac's keychain to save passwords?
Global Options > General, Mac options, "Use KeyChain"
If so, then you'll need to update your saved password in Keychain or disable that option and use SecureCRT's built-in password storage method.

If the Use KeyChain option is not enabled, and you're still having trouble getting connected, you'll want to enable Trace Options to see the underlying negotiation that's happening between SecureCRT and the server to determine what clues exist there. See this video on our YouTube channel for instructions on how to generate a trace options debug log.

You'll also want to check your Session Options > Connection > Logon Actions category to see if the Automate Logon option is enabled and responsible for handling the password prompt for you (sending the incorrect password there).

Posting Trace Options to these public forums is not advisable since the data can be sensitive/revealing.
If you need further assistance, please send your trace options debug log by email to with a subject of "ATTN: Jake - Forum thread #13385"

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