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Hi Todd,

Thanks for the sample code. I tried it (replacing all .send and .waitforstring to send() and wait() functions), but unfortunately, the code didn't catch the broken pipe error Here is actual output. As you can see, once the bp issue happened, my vbscript continued to send the next command ("term length 0"). There was no error message written to the error log file.

* *
* W A R N I N G *
* *
* The system to which you have connected is proprietary *
* and confidential. Unauthorized access is prohibited and *
* violators may be prosecuted. Your actions on this system *
* may be subject to monitoring and continued use of the *
* system constitutes permission for such monitoring. *
* *
Write failed: Broken pipe
[jumpbox]$ term length 0
-bash: term: command not found
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