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+1 me too.

Mosh's ability to deal with lossy or interrupted connections is becoming a must-have killer feature for me. I've been using SecureCRT for 15 years, and I'm about to drop it in favor of a mosh-enabled client.

I've enjoyed the years with SecureCRT - at its core it is a solid terminal emulator, and added around the core are lots of nice features. But these days I spend most of my time on a laptop moving from room to room, and mosh's ability to transparently reconnect without losing state is awesome.
  • I used mosh for a day, and thought "that's cute, but is it really useful?"
  • I used mosh for a week, and thought "actually yes, it's very nice that I can sleep and wake the computer and my terminal connection just keeps on working."
  • I used mosh for a year, and thought "mosh is awesome, I love that it makes sleeping and waking my computer a zero-thought action. I love that it helps me deal with lossy wifi. It makes my life easier by making it so that I don't need to worry about things."

At this point I would give up SecureCRT with all its nice features in favor of a bare-bones emulator with a poor UI, just because the other one has Mosh support. (And today, I've done so.)

I love SecureCRT, but mosh support is more important to me.
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