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SecureCRT Clean Install

Originally Posted by focaccio View Post
I wanted to do a CLEAN install of SecureCRT.
There is an article describing how to completely remove all traces of SecureCRT.

As a note, if you want to keep all of your existing session information but just tell SecureCRT where to find the new config location, I would recommend you follow the last step in this process:
defaults delete com.vandyke.SecureCRT
Once you've removed SecureCRT's defaults, when you launch SecureCRT you'll be asked to specify the "Config" location. Important: If you want to restore saved sessions in an existing configuration folder, make sure you point SecureCRT to the "Config" folder, NOT the "Sessions" folder. If you have chosen a custom-named "Config" folder, point to your custom folder name (in other words, point to the parent folder in which "Sessions" lives, but do not point to "Sessions").

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