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Originally Posted by ran
Is it possible to save tab states when exiting the main program window?
Meaning, that if I want to close SCRT (let's say for restarting the computer), and then re-open it with the same tabs that it was opened before.
This could be implemented with a checkbox in the global options saving the tab state to a file each time there's a change in tabs (tab opened or closed). If you save the tab state file when changing the tabs and not when exiting, then it could also be useful when the OS crashes.
We are planning to implement groups at some point, which would allow you to save groups of sessions and open all the sessions in a group at the same time. This isn't exactly what you requested, but I was wondering if this would meet your needs.

Originally Posted by ran
Adding a "Window" menu option, with all the familiar features like tiling the child windows, or accessing a certain child window (tab).
Being able to tile certain tabs out of all of them will also answer a feature request I've seen here several times, to be able to compare logs or configurations when putting the tabs side by side.
It is possible to get the Window menu by using a custom menu. However, it doesn't support being able to tile or navigate to specific tabs. I will add your request to our development database for consideration in a future version.

Originally Posted by ran
And the last feature, which I will find very very useful.
I have quite a lot of pre-configured sessions in my SCRT, devided into folders, and it's all nice. But sometimes it's hard remembering where a certain session is hiding.
So it would be great if you can add a feature (possibly in the connect dialog) to search for sessions using keywords such as IP address, name, folder name (in case of sub-sub-sub folders), or a description that I entered manually.
I will add this request to our development database. This is the first request for this that I'm aware of. Are others also interested in this functionality?

Originally Posted by ran
There's an option in the global configuration for "confirm when closing multiple tabs". This is an excellent feature that prevents me from closing the main program window, with a lot of tabs opened, due to old habits from previous versions and by than closing all the opened tabs.
The problem is that even if I want to close a single tab (by any method - i.e. clicking on the 'x', double clicking on the tab name, or closing the main program window when only a single tab is left opened) then it still asks for confirmation.
If it is an intentional feature and not a bug then I'd like to ask this to be controlled by a checkbox in the global configuration, since I wouldn't want to see confirmations when closing a single tab.
I suspect what is happening is that the global option "Show confirm disconnect dialog" is set. This option can be found on the General page in the Global Options dialog. If that option is not set and you are seeing the confirm disconnect dialog when you close SecureCRT with a single tab, please let me know what build you're using.

Thanks for posting.

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