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Transparent printing?

I'm trying to get transparent printing working with a SCO Openserver and a VT220 session with CRT. The printer in question is a Zebra bar code printer and the best I can get is having the textual representation of the barcode print out (i.e. "T,45,b,23,44,99,767689997" to pull something out of the air) along with any additional description text. I've tried setting raw to port settings on the windows printer drivers, unsetting the same, setting the similar setting on CRT, etc., etc., etc.

Is there a simple 1-2-3 somewhere on how to make it go? Do I need to configure any special terminal settings for SCO?

NB. On the same pc CrossTalk is installed and using a serial session in it will print fine. I would dearly love to get rid of the serial network on this site, but there is a strong reliance on transparent printing on some of the terminals.
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