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Question FAQ: Why do Session Manager connections open in new windows instead of tabs?

When you launch a new connection from Session Manager, you end up with something like one of these…

…any of which can happen if you’ve chosen either Tile (Vertically/Horizontally) or Cascade from SecureCRT’s main Window menu or if you’ve disabled the Open Sessions in a Tab/Tile option within Session Manager:

If you desire new connections be opened in tabs in the same SecureCRT window, like this…

…then the fix might involve one or two simple steps:
  1. Choose Tabs from the Window menu in SecureCRT:

  2. Enable the Open Sessions in a Tab/Tile option within the Session Manager context menu (right-click on any folder/session to display the context menu):

Note: Although you may be right-clicking on one session/folder, this option is a global option and it will continue to provide the behavior that is enabled or disabled for all connections until it is toggled back the other way.

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