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What do you mean by "if a tab has been used"? Are you checking for output? How are you determining if a tab's been "used"?
Each site will have at a minimum a cisco router. So my script logs into that and then scans its ports to determine what other equipment is on site. It will then open tabs for those pieces of equipment as the user selects them. I leave those tabs open while working within that site and don't close any of the tabs until the user either closes out the script or backs out to a different site. Currently I am not tracking what tabs are open, I am thinking of just defining a dictionary to assign true and false variables for when tabs are opened for a device. However if it is a bug that is fixed in a later version I might not be able to work around it as most of the other techs will not upgrade their version of SCRT.

Basically everything is built around HTML pages to display status and command options for the various devices. Right now most techs have a spreadsheet of commands for all the different devices and just copy and paste for what they need.. =] Teaching old dogs new tricks is an uphill battle.
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