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Originally Posted by rtb View Post
Hi hellfire,

Thanks for the post.

I have created a test environment that tries to reproduce what you describe, and I don't see any issue.

I wonder if I don't have a full understanding of the problem.

In my test I have one SecureCRT window with three tabs (from running the script 3 times). Each tab is connected through two jump servers using SSH2, and the final host is connected using telnet. If I close a tab, the other tabs remain open with no disconnect.

Is this what you are doing?

If not, would you help me understand how my test is different from your scenario?
Thanks for the reply.

Yes, exactly. 1 window, 3 tabs, sshA-sshB-telnet1, sshA-sshB-telnet2, sshA-sshB-telnet3.

I connect to the "shhA" host using command line params when launching CRT, then I'm connecting to "sshB" host using .vbs script, and then to telnet1/2/3 host within the same script.

If I change the order of ssh hosts (say, sshB-sshA-telnet1/2/3), the issue stays, when i terminate any telnet connection in one of the tabs, it disconnects from all three sshA connections, and the sshB remains
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