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Quote: 2.3b1 or 2.5b1? I'm very interested in how that is working for you.

2.5b1. It is working fine.

Quote: Would you tie the "bad logon attempts" to the same setting we currently have for bad logon attempts or have a new one specifically for this purpose? I guess, I'm asking, is there a reason (less confusing, greater flexibility, etc.) that you might want both of them?

I would integrate configuration options into the existing "Authentication Options", and programmatically add the IP source of the bad attempts to the connection filter. As I said, the current authentication options really provide no benefit since the offender can immediately reconnect.

Quote: If this situation came up (dictionary attack like you described above) -- where would (or did) you go looking for this feature hoping to find an answer?

I went straight to authentication options and was actually suprised that the program has no was to prevent offenders from reconnecting at will. I then researched triggers; I assumed I might be able to somehow script a trigger which would add offending IP to the connection filter, but wrote to the forum instead since this seemed like a basic feature easily added to the core program. ;-)

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