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Originally Posted by ynyng
Am also running VShell 2.3b1 on a Win2k3 x64 test server now.
2.3b1 or 2.5b1? I'm very interested in how that is working for you.

Originally Posted by ynyng
1. This would be nice. Once used a product from Internet Security Systems that integrated manual and auto filters into one list (with different icons for easy differentiation). The system administrator had the ability to edit or delete items in either category on the list.
Thanks -- the different icon thing is a very nice idea.

Originally Posted by ynyng
3. If I understand the question, both, but not necessarily in the the context of your existing software design. A disconnection from the present VShell server for either (a) bad logon attempts or (b) an authentication timeout is not a deterent since the server does not prevent the hacker from reconnecting immediately. (My log today had 59MB of such attempts from Asia Pac). It would be nice if the software would auto-block an IP address using the connection filter under administratively set parameters: (Var A) # failed logon attempts from a single IP within (Var B) specific time period results in (Var C) IP blocking for a specific length of time. Does this make sense?
Nice. Makes a lot of sense. I like the three different ways of controlling. Would you tie the "bad logon attempts" to the same setting we currently have for bad logon attempts or have a new one specifically for this purpose? I guess, I'm asking, is there a reason (less confusing, greater flexibility, etc.) that you might want both of them?

If this situation came up (dictionary attack like you described above) -- where would (or did) you go looking for this feature hoping to find an answer?

If you didn't find it, what would you be searching for in the help?

Originally Posted by ynyng
4. No, because of possible bandwidth issues. I'd rather they go away.
No problem. I think that makes our life easier, but good to know your thoughts here.