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Originally Posted by aLTeReGo

Turning off Agent forwarding resolved the issue! I can now connect to my AireSpace unit using SSH... NICE CALL!

Now what did turning that off do? Can I no longer use port forwarding on my other SSH connections?

Sorry for not posting for a bit.

I'm glad this helped - thanks for letting us know.

Agent forwarding allows the client to forward off a cached set of credentials to the ssh-server, so, for instance, if you've already authenticated once using public-key authentication, you don't have to enter your passphrase again. In order for this to function, both the client and the server have to support the agent mechanism. In your case, SecureCRT was sending the agent forwarding request, and the server was dropping the connection at that point, presumably because it was expecting the client to start sending a username and password instead of an agent forwarding request. Essentially, instead of your typed username, the agent request data was getting "entered" as your username, and clearly this wasn't meaningful to the server so it dropped the connection.

Agent forwarding doesn't really have much effect on port-forwarding beyond helping ease the pain of having to enter your passphrase more than once for multiple public-key authentications using the same key, so you should continue to be able to use port-forwarding just fine.

Please let us know if you need additional information or assistance.



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