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Originally Posted by bgagnon View Post
We are just using the shell the OS provides (in the case of CMD) so if Microsoft says it's a feature request, then I guess it is.
There is no feature request to change it.
According to Microsoft it is behavior by design (read: most convenient/useful for everyone) and itís not for discussion.
I donít agree, but can do nothing about it.
Was excited to see SecureCRT local shell, but I guess, you cannot do much about it either...

Originally Posted by bgagnon View Post
Have you tried PowerShell? The continuation character is ` (back tick) and it seems to perform the way you desire.
Yep, used it for a while.
Itís ok if there is nothing else, but plain bash is a million times better, IMO.
If win server supports bash - thatís what I use always.
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