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Originally Posted by rtb View Post
Hi Negi1984,

Thanks for the posts.

Are you seeing this behavior when running a script or manually running the commands?

If you are using a script, please post it.
NOTICE: The requested troubleshooting data may include sensitive information (usernames, passwords, publicly-accessible host names or IP addresses, etc.).

Please redact sensitive information that would not be appropriate for a public forum prior to posting the requested information.

If there is sensitive information that must be conveyed in order to provide a complete picture of the scenario you're facing, please let us know and we will set up a secure upload mechanism that can be used.
Hi Vandyke,

Currently I am running the said command one by one manually.
if I am running the command. I have list of Nodes in excel file.
and command list in Notepad file and I just copy and right click the same 1 by one in Secure CRT.

If I am running command by copy all below and run in secure CRT then it stuck in middle always for the IP's which have very huge data (around 50MB or :-

scre 0 temp
dis mac-address dynamic verbose

and if I am running only command :-

dis mac-address dynamic verbose

then it shows complete result but I need to press space bar key multiple time to get all the data in screen/log file.

Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestion for this issue.

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