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Hi Karebac

You are correct. I didn't bother to check which port mysql
uses. I just carried it over from a previous post.
Anywhere I wrote "3906" you can assume I meant 3306. Sorry
about that.

SecureCRT makes the connection to the SSH2 server on port
22, so that is the only port that needs to be open on your
firewall or router if you have one. A software firewall
like ZoneAlarm or Norton or McAfee can also block traffic
from SecureCRT or on port 22, so you might check to see if
you have anything else installed on your system that might
prevent SecureCRT from connecting to your SSH2 server.

Does the free mysql server machine that you found also have
an SSH2 server running on it?

If it does, you might be able to configure the same port
forward to connect to it. Presumably, you are connecting
directly from your mysql client to the free mysql server
using port 3306. When your port forward is set up, you will
be connecting to your localhost IP address instead of the IP
address of the server.

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