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Confusion regarding port 3906

Thanks for the detailed further instructions.

I notice that replies to my post make reference to Port 3906. Yet, mysql remote uses port 3306. Is 3906 simply a typo, that was carried along in further posts, or is there something UNIQUE about 3906, which means that I should somehow reconfigure mysql to listen on port 3906.

I shall be experimenting further with VShell and SecureCRT, and shall certain send the log to tech support.

I am wondering if my problem has to do with Verizon DSL, or my Westell modem.
I did log into the Westel modem, to see if there is anything I might reconfigure to make all this work, and I consulted Verizon DSL tech support. But I discovered no solutions.


I did discover a free mysql host service that permits remote access through port 3306, at, and that works just fine from home and work computers. There are not many hosts who allow remote mysql access but there are a few.

It would be handy to be able to connect to my office computer, and I will continue to experiment in the American spirit of discovery and conquest.

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