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Hi Karebac,

VShell is our SSH2 server product.

You can find more information here.

The basic setup is to have a session in SecureCRT that connects to the SSH2 server on the remote machine (such as VShell). This session will create a port forward listening on the machine that SecureCRT is installed on. When an application connects to that local port, the traffic will be forward to the port specified in the port forward on the remote machine.

The Excel VBA application would connect to the local machine on the port forward that was setup in SecureCRT.

To set this up in your SecureCRT client:

1. Select "File / Connect..." to open the "Connect" dialog.
2. Click on the "New Session" button and configure a SSH2 session that connects to the VShell/SQL server.
3. Select the "Connections / Port Forwarding" category and press the "Add" button.
4. Create a port forward entry with the following settings:
1. Name: SQL (or whatever name is meaningful to you)
2. Local Port: 3906
3. Remote Port: 3906
4. Clear the "Destination host is different for the SSH server" check box if VShell is installed on the same machine as the SQL server.
5. Click on the "OK" button until you are back at the "Connect" dialog and then click on the "Connect" button to initiate your new session.

In the Excel VBA application, it will need to be configured to connect to localhost port 3906.

Does this help?


Teresa Nygren

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