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Originally Posted by tnygren
Hi Karebac,

Thanks for all the information!

In order to establish a SSH2 connection, there needs to be both a SSH2 client (like SecureCRT) to initiate the SSH2 connection and a SSH2 server on the remote machine (like VShell) to accept the connection.

In this case, there isn't a SSH2 server on the remote machine to accept the connection from SecureCRT. This is why the connection refused error occurring.

If a SSH2 server is installed on the remote machine, does the connection from SecureCRT succeed?
You are helping me to see that I need somthing on both machines, but I am slightly confused now. OK suppose I have secureCRT running on my home desktop.

Should I also have secureCRT running on the office machine, where the mysql server is. You confuse me by mentioning VShell.

Next confusion: How exactly would I configer Vshell or securecrt on the office machine? What parameters would I set.

I have been playing with various sofwares and machines for hours at a time, for days now. I contacted my Verizon DSL support to see if there is some way I could reconfigure the Westell modem. I totally uninstalled the firewall I had, which helped in certain things.

As a side note, I did find a free mysql host which allows me to remotely log in to their server through port 3306, which allows me to do exactly what I want, namely remove access mysql with excel vba as a front end. But I would still like to see if I could do it with an office machine.

So, I shall be hunting aroung for this VSHELL of which you speak. Each new shred of information brings me a little closer to possibly having success.

I also, today, subscribed to one of those no-ip services, but I have not seen any improvement from it.

So, you are saying that if I intall VSHELL on the office mysql server, and securecrt on my home machine, then, my home machine using excel vba odbc can access port 3306 on the office machine. Any step by step details would greatly help.
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