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OK, it looks like we might be getting somewhere...

First off on further research it isn't down to using SSH; it's a partciular device type when using SSH. So far I know the Nexus 9300 platform is an offender while the 7000 series isn't; I don't yet know how far in to the Cisco Nexus product line this problem goes.

I enabled the IgnoreEscape option, but I was surprised it made no difference.

The reason I say surprised is because when I raw logged it came back with some rather interesting results. There were some escape sequences and 3 occurrences of the router name that didn't show up in the screen:


Unsurprisingly <ESC>[J = Erase Down

So it's starting to become evident why the IgnoreEscape didn't made a difference; I reckon it is still matching on the lines that didn't show on screen.

However I'm not sure how to script around this problem. Any suggestions?