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Hi vramaswa,

I am glad to hear that SecureCRT is working so well for you.
1) vi commands guide via chat. It'd be awesome to have a vi command guide through chat.
My specific question is about ALT chars and others basic functions
Are you really looking for a way to use the chat window to send escape sequences to all tabs, or would you like to be able to type in one tab, and have that broadcast to all open tabs?
2) Tiled windows not launched in sequence.
I have quite a few shortcuts. In a folder, I have 4 sessions, server 1-4, but when launched via a shortcut, the tiling function does not seem to respect this order at all. Am I missing something, please? I need server 1-4 tiled in sequence!
This is a limitation in the way that tiling is implemented. I have created a feature request to change the behavior. Should we add a way to retain the order with tiles, we will post to this thread.

If you would like to be notified directly, please complete and submit the form at the following location:
Submit Feature Request
In the meantime, you could use the attached example script to reorder the tiles after you have connected. I would use the following to make this work:
  • Enable Connect to multiple sessions sequentially located in the Terminal / Advanced category of the Global Options dialog.
  • Define the script as a Logon script: in the Connection / Logon Actions category of the Session Options dialog for the last session in the list of sessions in the folder.
Does this help you accomplish your goal?
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