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sCRT 7.1 questions - Chat window, tiling

Hi, I am a newbie using sCRT 7.1. First of all, congrats on this tool, I find it really, really helpful.

I have a couple of questions and hope to get some answers.

1) vi commands guide via chat. It'd be awesome to have a vi command guide through chat.
My specific question is about ALT chars and others basic functions

a) How do I undo via chat (with multiple tiled sessions)
b) How do I delete a line through char ('dd' did not work)

2) Tiled windows not launched in sequence.
I have quite a few shortcuts. In a folder, I have 4 sessions, server 1-4, but when launched via a shortcut, the tiling function does not seem to respect this order at all. Am I missing something, please? I need server 1-4 tiled in sequence!

Thank you, appreciate your tool
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