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Originally Posted by galb
What should CRT do when the user attempts to remove the COM port that is open?

1. Close the com port and let the operation happen?
2. Veto the operation (assuming we really can and I'm not misremembering
the way all this works)?
3. Do nothing-- let the user either reconnect the com port and keep
going or manually click the disconnect button to terminate the connection
to the (now defunct) com port?
I think 2 really does not make a lot of sense. I do not think anybody will ever remember to gracefully shut down a USB device before unplugging it, and for CRT the most likely scenario would be a USB COM device.

The "correct" thing to do would be 1 as this would probably lead to fewer problems with funny drivers.

There is also something attractive in 3 if you need to do a temporary disconnect but I do believe you rarely need to do that and that you can live with the session having to be manually reconnected. If CRT was configured to not close on disconnect, a simple hit on Enter would work quite nicely.

So I vote for option 1 which would also be the case for a surprise remove.