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Slow SFTP with number of files in target directory

Is there a way to prevent SecureFX from calculating/refreshing number of files when attempting a transfer from source Windows to a target Windows system? I am facing issues with sftp process using SecureFX for a use case as described below.

Destination share/sftp server has a directory with over 25000 files. Every time a client connects over sftp to server and attempts to transfer a file, the entire list of files are read and enumerated before completion of the transfer operation. Even when a client tries to rename a file, the same read/retrieve operation is observed for all 25000+ files. This severely delays out time sensitive clients from starting the next scheduled process in a workflow.

We would like a means to prevent SecureFX from calculating number of files or performing a retrieval/listing of directory contents, every time a new file is transferred. Is this an option?

PS: I tried disabling "Disable directory tree detection" and "Verify file status on retrieve" and set max parallel transfers to 10.

Running SecureFX 8.3.4 on client side and VShell 4.3.3 on Server side.
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