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thanks by the reply Jake.

Well it seems to be indeed related to the number of sessions. I've rebooted the machine, moved the Sessions folder, and started the app.

It took 5sec to load, not perfect but obviously way quicker:

$ cd $(defaults read com.vandyke.SecureCRT "Config Path")
$ mv Sessions/ Sessions_bak/
$ time open /Applications/

real	0m5.144s
user	0m0.032s
sys	0m0.038s
Than I moved the _bak folder back to Sessions/ and the app opened way faster, in less than a second:

$ rm -rf Sessions/ && mv Sessions_bak/ Sessions/
$ time open /Applications/

real	0m0.144s
user	0m0.032s
sys	0m0.038s
The amount of sessions I have may surely have some influence on that slowness, however, it's clear that the any launch but the very first one, happens very fast.

I tried to seek around with LaunchAgents and Daemons trying to find if SecureCRT is firing anything and other process that may not exists before the first run, etc. I got nothing.

Is there any Agents or Daemons that SecureCRT is firing? Any correlated process that is started and kept running after first run that justifies that initial slowness, followed by normal performance?

Also, about the number of sessions, is there anything I can do about it? Except removing it

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