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Question App load is taking forever

Im facing an issue with SecureCRT since previous SecureCRT release and, I was hoping this would be fixed by the latest one (8.7.3) but, it wasnt.

The first time I open the App on my Mac, it takes forever, the icon keeps bouncing on the Dock and the App takes ~1.5min to load and show up:

$ time open /Applications/

real	1m24.209s
user	0m1.537s
sys	0m1.046s
I use the App, do a couple of conns, here and there - everything performs just fine when it's in use/opened/etc - and close it. And if open it again, it takes less than a second:

$ time open /Applications/

real	0m0.191s
user	0m0.027s
sys	0m0.055s
Another thing that I noticed is that this said 'faster' start-up of the App only happens if subsequently launches are not much far from each other - 10h for ex, forget about it, will be back to the bootstrap delay.

Worth mention that this behaviour was also present on MacOS Catalina and before that, I had exactly the same situation happening on Mohave; running SecureCRT 8.5.4 and 8.3.4 respectively.

I finally got tired of waiting it fix by its own lol

My current setup is:
- MacOS BigSur 11.2.1 (20D74)
- Secure CRT Version 8.7.3 (build 2279)
- Around 1.1k sessions

Appreciate the help.
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