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Arrow How-To: Toggle the Session Manager between 'Pinned' and 'Auto-Hide' States

Here's how to toggle the Session Manager between pinned and auto-hide modes...


Linux and macOS:

Here's a link to a video showing you how to dock/reposition SecureCRT's Session Manager.

For those who want the historical perspective...

Starting with SecureCRT 7.2, the Session Manager replaced the Connect dialog as the default session management mechanism in SecureCRT:
Changes in SecureCRT 7.2 (Beta 1) -- October 8, 2013
New features:
  • Windows: Added a Session Manager that can be used in place of the modal Connect dialog. The Session Manager can be in a pane in the SecureCRT window or can be an undocked modeless dialog.
Initially the Session Manager was displayed in a pinned, docked position but this caused a number of individuals to accidentally undock it by pressing the mouse button inadvertently while moving the mouse cursor across the Session Manager's title bar. In addition, a number of individuals expressed their preference for auto-hide mode since it saves screen real estate to have the Session Manager hidden most of the time -- opening it only when needed.

As a result of feedback received, a change was made in version 8.0 to enable auto hide mode by default:
Changes in SecureCRT 8.0 (Beta 4) -- March 10, 2016
  • The Session Manager's "auto hide" option is on by default.
This means the Session Manager is hidden in a sidebar (on the left by default). When in auto hide mode, the Session Manager cannot be undocked (either accidentally or intentionally).

When pinned, if the Session Manager becomes undocked the easiest way to redock it is to double-click on the Session Manager's title bar. If double-clicking does not work you can use your mouse to grab the Session Manager by its title bar; as you move the Session Manager with your mouse you should see drop target icons (Windows) or shaded "hot zone" drop areas (Mac/Linux) that indicate where the Session Manager can be dropped for docking.

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