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Hi ofmanyone,

I don't know that using that particular example script is the best option for your usage. It would help me better understand the requirements if you could provide a log file demonstrating you accomplishing this manually. We prefer to keep logs out of the forums to reduce the risk of accidentally exposing sensitive data. Could you take the below steps to generate a log and email it to with "Attn: Eric forum post 12704" in the subject.
  • Launch SecureCRT and open SecureCRT's main "File" menu and choose "Log Session..."
  • Specify a path to your Desktop folder and a name of the log file, such as SCRT_Log.txt.
  • Connect to the terminal server and a device.
  • Once you've demonstrated the login procedure disconnect from the session.
  • Go to your Desktop folder and locate the SCRT_Log.txt file. Please send the SCRT_Log.txt file to me as an attachment to your reply. Please don't paste the contents into the body of your message -- please attach it!

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