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7.0.0 (build 295) Beta - Mapped Keys Bug?

Ever since updating one of our Macs to the version 7 beta, a certain mapped key combination has stopped working.

I use iRAPP (an RDP-clone product for Macs) to remote desktop into this Mac from my Windows 7 PC. To make working remotely in SecureCRT on the Mac more similar to working on the PC, I've created the following Mapped Key for SecureCRT sessions on the Mac:

Key Combination: Shift-HELP (which is actually Shift-Insert on my PC keyboard)
Function: MENU_PASTE

This used to work perfectly, but as soon as I updated to the version 7 beta, it broke. If I try to create a new mapped key and press Shift-Insert, nothing happens. It's as if I haven't pressed any keys. If I try Ctrl-Insert or Shift-Ctrl-Insert, those DO work, registering as Ctrl-HELP and Ctrl-Shift-HELP, respectively.
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