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Originally Posted by rdavila View Post
Im having problems setting up the horizontal scroll bar to work to see the rest of th text.Need some help setting it up
The horizontal scroll bar is only visible when it's enabled in SecureCRT's View menu.

The horizontal scroll bar is only useful when:
  1. Session Options' "Retain size and font" option is selected in the On resize group of the Terminal > Emulation category
  2. Session Options' "Logical columns" value is greater than what can visibly be seen within the SecureCRT window.
  3. It's enabled as per the View menu as mentioned above.

See the following graphic for clarification:
It bears noting that if the remote system's understanding of the number of COLUMNS is less than what SecureCRT says is available, then the remote system will only utilize a portion of the columns available in SecureCRT's window because the remote shell/app value for COLUMNS doesn't match SecureCRT's value for COLUMNS.
Such a mismatch usually comes about when either A) the COLUMNS environment/shell variable is manually/automatically manipulated (either by you manually trying to set the COLUMNS env var or a remote shell/startup/profile script setting COLUMNS to a value that is hard-coded) after SecureCRT has already negotiated the number of columns with the remote shell, or B) the remote shell ignores SecureCRT's column size negotiation or the remote device isn't capable of terminal size negotiation.
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