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Hi all,

As a note, these are some of the known causes/circumstances that can cause the Gatekeeper Path Randomization issue and require running the quarantine command provided earlier in this thread so that SecureCRT/SecureFX run as integrated applications:
  • Moving/copying the apps by a means other than Finder (e.g.: Terminal).

  • Application bundles installed from .tar.gz installers will always have this issue.

  • Application bundles installed from the combined .dmg installer may *or* may not have this issue depending on how they are installed:
  • If the application bundles are copied one at a time, individually, to the Applications directory, they should not have this issue.
  • If the application bundles are copied together (e.g., both selected and dragged from the mounted .dmg) to the Applications directory, they appear to always have this issue.

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