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Originally Posted by sfxdana View Post
How I'll this handle password changes every 1.5 months. Will it ask to update the password?? Is it possible to set an default password that is send when password is asked?? Because changing 1000+ sessions autologon items every 1,5 months is definitely not an option.
I realize the configuration approach I'm about to describe doesn't come close to the desired behavior/functionality you have expressed, and I completely understand if you feel you need to move on to using a different product; I really don't want you to feel forced/coerced to do anything that would cause you frustration.

If we are able to implement feature(s) in SecureCRT that would match your requirements, we'll post here and let you know about it.


SecureCRT allows you to edit the properties of multiple sessions at once. See

When editing multiple sessions in bulk, the properties of the first session are shown in the Session Options window.

As you consider editing the Logon Actions portion of multiple sessions at once using this mechanism, the following is possible:
IFF (IF and only iF):
  1. All of the sessions have the exact same number of Expect/Send rows, and
  2. You modify exactly one (and only one) value from either the Expect or the Send field and
  3. You are running SecureCRT 7.3 or newer (earlier versions of SecureCRT did not support this surgical logon actions modification capability)
Then that same value, if present in the other sessions, will also be changed without affecting the values of the other Logon Action rows.

WARNING: In every other scenario (e.g. if you're running a version of SecureCRT pre 7.3, or if you change more than one token element of the Logon Actions field), the result will be that all of the sessions being edited will have their Logon Actions' rows (Expect/Send fields and all) set to match every component of the first session's Logon Actions (the one that is visible as you're editing Session Options - Multiple)
This means that if you have a password saved in a Send field, and that password is present in the Send fields of other sessions currently being edited, changing only that password field will result in that password being updated in all of the sessions, without any of the other Expect or Send field values being modified/lost.

This graphic represents the concept of n sessions being edited in bulk, and the 'ssh user@...' portion of the Logon Actions (the Send field in row 1 of each session) has a unique host name different for each session.
  • The first session has: ssh user@secondary_host1.
  • The 2nd session has: ssh user@secondary_host2.
  • The pattern continues with a different hostname in the Send field of the 1st row of each session being edited all the way until the nth session which has: ssh user@secondary_hostn as the target.
The idea is to modify only one Expect or Send field in one row and nothing else. If that is what you do when editing sessions in bulk, then all of the sessions will be modified such that whatever Send or Expect value you changed will have that same old value updated to the new value, and the remaining Logon Action rows and their Send/Expect fields will remain as-is.

This allows you to set things up once, and then with a bulk-edit operation as I've described, you can update your password every 1.5 months as saved in that row in which it exists in the Send field of each session's Logon Actions.

Note: As a point of caution, in the event that you're unsure of how this works, and in case you inadvertently modify two fields instead of one, it is advised that you consider adopting the habit performing a Tools > Export Settings... prior to attempting such a change so that you can restore your Logon Actions if the bulk edit operation gets botched in error.

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