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I quite like that script
And it *almost* meet my needs, and even surpasses it by counting packets and flashing the tab when transfer is finished.
You really have a scripting guru

But the tab status indicator still turns blue while the transfer is running. I'm not a scripting guru, but I can't see any way to control the status indicator within the tab object?

And with like 15-20 tab's open at any time, all I can see of each tab is the indicator and 2 chars. So the script at least give me the chance to see if the chars are a number (still transfering) or blinking "Tr.." when the transfer is finished.

So even if this give me kind of what I requested, checking the tab caption is not quite as quick and intuitive as just checking the tab status indicator colour.
And of cause I must remember to start the script each time, not just tweak/turn on a global setting.

I rate it 9 out of 10

Best regards,
Tommy Vindvik

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