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Hello all,In review, here's how to use the example Casey provided:
  1. Make sure you're running SecureCRT version 7.3 or newer. Support for regular expressions in keyword does not exist in versions prior to 7.3.
  2. Find out where your SecureCRT configuration folder is (Options > Global Options, General > Configuration Paths).
  3. Locate the Keywords folder that is found in SecureCRT's configuration folder. If the Keywords folder does not yet exist in your configuration folder, go ahead and create it there: Keywords
  4. Download the Cisco Words.ini file and save/copy it into the Keywords folder.
  5. If you're running SecureCRT 8.7.x and newer, edit your Session Options > Keyword Highlighting such that the List Name dropdown is set to Cisco Words
    Also, in the Session Options > Keyword Highlighting > Advanced category, make sure the Color option is enabled.

    If you're running SecureCRT 8.5.x and earlier, edit your Session Options > Appearance > Highlight keywords such that the Name dropdown is set to Cisco Words, and the Color option is enabled in the Style section.

  6. Optional: Edit the Default session to make this change to all of your ad hoc, existing, and future sessions.

Here are the example screen shots Casey provided:

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