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Example: Launch RDP or HTTP Connections from SecureCRT Session

Update (2017-09-08):
Consider using the new and improved version of this concept script found in another forum thread.

Ever wanted to manage your RDP and HTTP/HTTPS connections within the session hierarchy of the session manager within SecureCRT?
With a little setup to create a "template" session that will run this script, you can have SecureCRT launch RDP and/or HTTP connections directly from the session manager in SecureCRT.

Here's how it works:
  1. Set up a session that uses the Serial protocol to connect to any well-known named pipe in Windows. For example /pipe/eventlog.
    1. In the Description field of your session, add a LAUNCH: tag for each URL or RDP session you'd like to launch with this session. For example:
      LAUNCH: mstsc -v:

    2. Configure the session to have a Logon script field pointing to this script file itself.
    3. Supply an argument of /AUTOCLOSE if you do not desire to see a blank tab opened in SecureCRT as part of the launch of HTTP or RDP client.
  2. Save a copy of the template session for each RDP or HTTP host you'd like to connect to, modifying the session name and the Description's LAUNCH: tag to indicate what you'd like to launch. It doesn't matter what you put in the LAUNCH: tag; as long as your system can "run" it, it should work for you.

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