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Example: Import Putty connections into SecureCRT saved sessions

Imports putty configurations into SecureCRT saved sessions.

jdev: 05-06-2019, 12:30pm : Added example to import from Kitty config (registry). Imports the same info as with Putty, but also supports "Folders".

jdev: 11-26-2018, 2:42pm : Added example to import from Putty CM (Connection Manager) config XML file. Imports session name/path, hostname, username, and port.
jdev: 03-02-2018, 4:43pm : Added example to import from MPutty's XML config file. Imports session name/path, hostname, protocol, and port.
jdev: 02-17-2017, 2:20pm : Added example to import from Super Putty's XML config file. Imports session name/path, hostname, protocol, and port.

For standard putty configurations, the script attempts to automatically export existing putty configuration settings to a .reg file in your user account's 'temporary' folder. If this automated attempt fails, putty session info will need to manually be exported to a .reg file, as in running the following command within a CMD.exe shell window:
REG EXPORT HKCU\Software\SimonTatham\PuTTY\Sessions %USERPROFILE%\Documents\ptty.reg

The exported putty registry file is then parsed and SecureCRT sessions are created from supported configuration settings.

For the other putty implementation variants, the script imports configurations from the corresponding XML file created/exported by super-putty, putty-cm, and m-putty.

To ensure that any pre-existing sessions of the same name are not overwritten, imported sessions are stored in SecureCRT's Session Manager within a new folder named:

A log file of the import operation is written to the Desktop folder for easy review.

How do you run the script?
  1. Download the script file below that corresponds to your putty variant.
  2. Open SecureCRT and choose Script > Run...
  3. When the Select Script to Run window appears, browse to the location of the file you downloaded; select it, and press the Run button.
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