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Trace is on its way. As far as I can see it shows excactly the same issue that Uwe described: SecureCRT is doing a ssh userB@hostA instead of ssh userA@hostA.
We received the trace options and I believe we should continue to resolve this via e-mail. SecureCRT is not doing an "ssh userB@hostA" in any tests that I've run.

For any who follow this thread, with a default SecureCRT configuration, no sessions, no modifications, you should be able to do the following:
  • Optionally, select Trace Options in the File menu. This will enable protocol level debugging in case you want to see what's happening at the protocol level, once you start making connections.
  • Use Quick Connect to connect to Host A. Login but do not save username, then disconnect.
  • Use Quick Connect to try to connect to Host B, wait for timeout
  • Open the File menu Connect category.
  • Right click on Host B and select Properties.
  • Open Connection / SSH2
  • Choose Select Session... in the Firewall drop down menu
  • Choose Host A. You should see Host A in the Firewall at this point.
  • Connect to Host B.

    If you have Trace Options enabled then you'll see [LOCAL] : FIREWALL : appear as SecureCRT connects to Host A. No username should appear - you should have to type it yourself.

    After you authenticate with Host A, you'll see [LOCAL] : CAP : in the trace options as SecureCRT connects to Host B.

    If you experience problems, please copy the trace options text that you see in the SecureCRT window and send the data to (Please do not post trace options or log files to our public forum.)
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