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shannonphillips 08-24-2021 03:40 PM

SSH packet loss timeout
I have 3k+ remote firewalls I need to login daily and grab data from. I have a well establish DB recordset and Do while loop which works great, except under one scenario:
If the remote location is currently experiencing ISP issues, the Crt.Session.Connect command will not timeout for high packet loss and will keep trying to communicate. Hence I have babysit the screen and wait for it too hang, than manually disconnect session.

"sample code"
cmd = "/SSH2 /L " & ADLgn & " /PASSWORD " & ADPW & " /ACCEPTHOSTKEYS " & vIP
Err.Number = Crt.Session.Connect (cmd,15) "sample /code"

I cannot fix the ISP issues, there a way in Secure Crt 8 or 9 to Force a timeout regardless of tcp traffic so I can continue through my loop?

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