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user334 10-28-2015 04:38 PM

Slowdown of SecureCRT 7.3.4 on Linux Mint Cinnamon
Hi there from cold-cold Russia!
I was wondering to use SecureCRT instead of default linux terminal app and to test it I tried to run the latest SecureCRT app. But there was a trouble: after some time using it program became very slow. I mean even the simple action of opening new tab or just switching to existing tab was taking a lot of time. A lot of time, countable number of seconds. Waiting and waiting. And the more time was going the worse it was. After some time program became useless because of that. It was necessary to restart it and loose some work.
The computer on which I tried it is pretty fast and in that moments cpu load was small and there were shure enough ram memory. The max number of tabs I used is ~20, but described was happening even with 1-2 tabs opened.
I have tried both x64 and x86 versions of program, but that did not help. I was thinking for some built-in logs to attach, but did not find it.
Now my trial period has ended. I am suggesting you to try it by yourself. Hope you will find and fix this bug in your awesome product!

rtb 10-28-2015 06:28 PM

Hi user334,

Thanks for the post.

Please send an email to with a subject of Attn: Todd - SecureCRT slow on Linux Mint.

If we are able to find a solution to the problem after working in email with you, I will post the solution to this thread.

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